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Natural Gas

Fee Schedule


$6 / $9 / $12

$6 for most townhomes & small houses, $9 for average-sized houses, or $12 for estate houses & businesses. Based on average monthly consumption. Paid once per month and covers your electricity and green power services too.

Natural Gas Admin


Among the lowest in the industry. Allows us to keep friendly Alberta-based customer care staff on-hand when you have questions or need assistance with your account.



We don't charge a single fraction of a cent for transaction fees. The big companies charge margins on the natural gas they bill you for; we don't.


Varies by Usage

A fee we wish we didn't need to charge, but we have no choice. This fee flows straight from the company(ies) that own the gas pipes leading to your home or business.

Wholesale Power

Why Us?

We’re Truly Local

No billing from Bangladesh. No call centres in Cambodia. No management from Mexico. We’re Proudly Albertan and based in Calgary.

We’ve Got Super Low Rates

Get your electricity & natural gas at wholesale prices. Just pay a small monthly fee of $6, $9 or $12, based on your average consumption.

We’ve Got Green Energy

It's easy being green. Making the shift of a portion or all of your electricity use to green energy is simple and affordable.

Pick Your Billing Date

Pick the day of the month when payments are withdrawn from your account; whatever works best for you. Some conditions apply.

Refer Friends & Family

Life’s better when you save together. Refer others to Wholesale Power so that they can save just as you save.

You’re Never Chained To Us

Joining is easy with no sign up fees. There’s no long-term contracts. We have easy, paperless billing. You can cancel anytime with no fees.


Call our local customer care team Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm MST at 403-450-8592

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A local business built by and for Albertans.

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